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Be JCAHO Compliant!

Collaborative Access

Physical Therapy 

Policies and Procedures Manual

The Female Pelvic Floor

This is a 205-page manual, detailing how to perform common interventions for the female pelvic floor.

Written by Fatima Hakeem, a founder of women's health nationally, with over 40 years of experience as a practicing women's health therapist.

This novel document is collaborative and living. Purchasers may access the document for 2 years. We invite our users to comment, correct, and suggest additions to the document, making it continually better over time.


It will forever be up to date, and printable for JCAHO.


Clinical Approach Series 

PT Approaches to Specific Diagnoses

These modules provide guidance on what evaluation and treatment options should be used for a particular diagnosis.

In contrast to the Policies and Procedures Manual, which covers how to perform various potential evaluations and treatments, these documents discuss which treatments to choose in approaching a patient with a particular diagnosis.

We have documents for the following diagnoses:

  • Myofascial Sexual Pain

  • Persistent Pelvic Pain

  • Prenatal & Postpartum


Each document includes illustrated patient-friendly handouts, ready to share with patients.

Collaborative Access

Like the Manual, these are collaborative, living documents. We allow our purchasers access to the document in google docs format for 2 years from the time of purchase. We invite our users to comment, correct, and suggest additions to the document, and Fatima will moderate the incorporation of your expertise into the document, making it continually better over time.

Practice Management

Business Series 

Practice Management

Tapping into Fatima's wealth of business experience, these are her insights on making a successful PT practice, whether inside a hospital system, or on your own.

Downloadable PDF

Fatima Hakeem, PT

Women's Rehab

For over 30 years, Fatima Hakeem started, grew and managed physical therapy services for women, taught leadership training for directors and new managers (DDI certified), and spearheaded organization development.


After many years in direct patient care, Ms. Hakeem noticed an unmet need in the field and is now focused on helping other professionals provide the best patient care by ensuring that they have the tools, resources and education they need.  Her work aims to provide the best possible service to patients by sharing this knowledge.

She is committed to updating the materials on this site regularly, and is available for consultations.


Physical Therapist and Consultant

Women's Rehab

Do you need

Consulting Services?

I have extensive experience in women’s health clinical practice,expertise in managing/growing practices and ensuring regulatory compliance.  I have experience with successful start-ups. 


Missteps can be costly; you do not want to spend time on research and experimentation when you could have access to an expert, who can deliver results with focus and precision. 


I offer mentoring/consultation ensuring rapid ramp up from conception to fruition

  • Accelerate processes by leveraging 30+ years of disciplined experience​
  •  Consistency in service delivery

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Consult, mentor and guide rehab staff to enable them to deliver optimal results. 


"Fatima’s passion and commitment to physical therapy has prompted her to contribute even more to our field with evidenced -based and clinically- based evaluation and treatment protocols for specific bowel, bladder and sexual medicine diagnoses. I know of no other person that is as humble, smart and generous. We are all fortunate to have her in our lives. "

Holly Herman, DPT

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