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Myofacial Sexual Pain Clinical Approach

Myofacial Sexual Pain Clinical Approach

This document outlines the proper approach to a patient with Myofascial Sexual Pain. Well researched and annotated, like all the clinical guides, it details which evaluations should be performed, how to formulate a treatment plan, and which treatment modalities might be considered for best effect.

Each document includes illustrated patient-friendly handouts, ready to share with patients.


Want to know more? Check out the Table of Contents (click here).

Like the Manual, these are collaborative, living documents. We allow our purchasers access to the document in google docs format for 2 years from the time of purchase. We invite our users to comment, correct, and suggest additions to the document, and Fatima will moderate the incorporation of your expertise into the document, making it continually better over time.


Irrespective of your practice setting, mitigating your Risk in the field of Pelvic Health is of utmost importance.  Written Diagnosis Specific Standards of Care mitigate risk.  In the event that a patient files a complaint regarding the appropriateness of your interventions for her specific condition, these written guidelines provide a defense in that you have  specific “standards of care” by which you treat a particular condition and are evidence that you care about patient safety by defining evidence based approaches to formulating care plans for patients with Myofascial Sexual Pain.


The Clinical Approach series of documents is best used in conjunction with the Policies and Procedures Manual, which provides standards for how to perform the treatments that may be recommended by this document as an approach to treating Myofascial Sexual Pain.

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