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Policies and Procedures: The Female Pelvic Floor

Policies and Procedures: The Female Pelvic Floor

This is a 205-page (and growing) manual, detailing how to perform the common PT interventions for the female pelvic floor. These include evaluation, modalities, electrical stim, cold laser, perineal biofeedback, therapeutic exercise, and manual therapies for the pelvic floor.


What makes this unique?


First, the current content is unparalleled. Written by Fatima Hakeem, a founder of women's health nationally, with over 40 years of experience as a practicing women's health therapist, who also oversaw the creation, growth, and management of 2 successful women's health departments at major hospitals. She has congealed her wealth of knowledge into a format that is organized and referenceable (citations included).


This document is also informed by her years of successfully navigating the oversight requirements of the Joint Commission, and easily meets the requirements of JCAHO for having documented policies and procedures.


Although non-hospital practices are not mandated to have policies and procedures documented, the APTA does recommend "well written" policies and procedures for all practices. Furthermore, for all practices, written policies and procedures mitigate risk. In the event of a patient complaint, these written policies provide a defense in that you have specific “standards of care” by which you treat patients and are evidence that you care about patient safety by defining specifically how you offer interventions and reduce variability in the care provided between clinicians.


Second, this is a novel format. As you know, the pace of information is rapid, and accelerating. No document published today will be relevant in a few years, UNLESS that document evolves. We are entering a new era - where single authors cannot possibly keep pace with the rapidity of information. To succeed, the nature of clinical references must change, and we are at the forefront of that innovation.


In short, to cut through the confusion, this document is collaborative and living. We allow our purchasers access to the document in google docs format for 2 years from the time of purchase. We invite our users to comment, correct, and suggest additions to the document, and Fatima will moderate the incorporation of your expertise into the document, making it continually better over time. After 2 years, this document will be better than it is at the time of your purchase today. It will forever be up to date, and printable for JCAHO.


Lastly, the manual also serves as orientation for onboarding new staff and a resource for all staff, giving a standard of care reference point for new clinicians, or clinicians facing challenging patient issues. The breadth and depth of topics covered means that your staff can reference the document for ideas for patient care, and you can be sure those ideas are validated and supported.


I'm sure you're wondering what all is included... Why not just check out the Table of Contents (Click here)?

  • Purchase Format

    You are purchasing viewer/commenter access permission to a document created by Fatima Hakeem for PelvicPTPro, all rights reserved. Document may be reprinted in whole, but not in sections. No excerpts allowed without written permission.


    When you purchase this product, you will get a PDF download - that download is just the table of contents. You can ignore the PDF.

    You will, within 48 hours, receive an e-mail that will give you a link to the actual document. Thank you.

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